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Dr. Randall Alifano PhD, Albany, California

Dr. Randall Alifano PhD Discusses the Psycho Spiritual Quest for True Identity

Dr. Randall Alifano PhD has dedicated many years of his life to helping people understand their troubles and resolve them. As an ordained AIWP minister, Dr. Randall Alifano PhD opens his ears and heart to his community. Dr. Randall Alifano PhD teaches people to look for the truth and wisdom contained in their own hearts and minds. Sometimes that means facing feelings we have avoided. The untested belief that our negative emotions will be too much to handle gives raise to constricting patterns of living.  As a counselor, Dr. Randall Alifano PhD understands that it is not our fears that are the problem but the fleeing from them.

When people believe in themselves, asserts Dr. Randall Alifano PhD, it serves to enhance the entire strategy of their lives. People who do not shy away from their more challenging emotions, says Dr. Randall Alifano PhD, are less beholden to them. Self-knowledge grows by eliminating prejudices, defenses and filters that individuals use to keep themselves feeling safe. And that illusion of safety, adds Dr. Randall Alifano PhD, comes at a great cost.

Dr. Randall Alifano PhD recognizes that we become so identified with our defenses that we lose sight of our own true identities and reinforce a false, contracted sense of self. On top of that, elaborates Dr. Randall Alifano PhD, traditional therapy, based on the medical model, teaches people to view their feelings, such as depression or anxiety, as pathologies, rather than indications that something is one’s life is out of balance. Perhaps the feeling, Dr. Randall Alifano PhD posits, is trying to get our attention to what needs to be changed in our life. For this reason, among others, Dr. Randall Alifano PhD left a career as a psychotherapist to pursue ordination as a psycho spiritual minister.

Dr. Randall Alifano PhD believes that when it comes to integrated wellness, traditional medical perspectives on emotional health that frame things according to sickness are not sufficient. Dr. Randall Alifano PhD’s skill as a counselor and minister equips him to give support, information and encouragement to people who elect to confront their fears and see what lies beyond. Dr. Randall Alifano PhD explains that this can be a very liberating moment for people, though it is usually challenging. With compassion and devotion, says Dr. Randall Alifano PhD, a person can explore his or her own internal sacred realm and come away fulfilled.

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